E H S                      management At the beginning of the company, and is based on EHS management, according to the characteristics of the enterprise to establish the EHS management plan, and EHS as an important indicator of employee performance appraisal. And encourage all employees to participate in EHS management, found and put forward the HSE management system in the running, and put forward Suggestions for improvement. Yu Chen will cherish each and every staff have put forward the creative opinions, and promised to continuously improve EHS management system, constantly improve the value of EHS in production run.
E H S                      perform Yu Chen seriously implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of production safety policy, solid foundation to carry out the safety responsibility at all levels, and in 2012 passed in November "standardized secondary enterprises" evaluation, realized the safety and production coordination, the synchronous development of good situation. In the grasp security at the same time, Chen "adhere to the concept of" environmental protection, production after the first ", and Chen showed great attention to environmental protection, attaches great importance to environmental protection and actively through various effective measures to minimize the impact on the environment of our production, the company through the first batch of cleaner production audit in henan province in 2005.
Yu Chen EHS
                     The pursuit
                     (Zero accident)
Eternal yu Chen behavior - safety first; Yu Chen always adhere to the "zero accident" security concept, adhering to the "all accidents are preventable" security policy, and requires each employee to form consensus. Unremitting yu Chen pursuit - protecting the environment; Yu Chen asked each product do environmental protection target "zero", namely, zero water, air and soil pollution, zero emissions of waste. Yu Chen with powerful technology strength and sustainable EHS protection programs, to ensure the realization of "zero accident" yu Chen "project.
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